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29. august 2012
Step 1
Welcome to the pension guide. This video will show you how to use the digital pension guide to manage your pension information.

Step 2
With the pension guide you can:
Read more about your pension
Calculate your pension
Apply for pension and various supplementary benefits
And enter changes that relate to your pension.

Step 3
Click 'Gå til guide' to begin

Step 4
You are now on the front page of the pension guide, which has opened in a new window.

Step 5
If you click 'Læs om', you can read more about pension rules.

Step 6
If you click 'Beregn', you can make a tentative calculation of your pension

Step 7
If you click 'Ansøgning', you can apply for pension and supplementary health and heating benefits.

Step 8
If you click 'Ændring', you can state changes that have an impact on the size of your pension
For instance, changes in your capital, income or marital status.

Step 9
If you wish to apply for pension or enter changes, it is important for security reasons that you log on with your NemID.

Click 'Log på' at the top right corner.

Step 10
First, enter your user id. If you didn’t choose a personal user name, when you got your NemID, you can always use your social security number.

Remember to write the entire social security number, including the last four digits.

Step 11
Now, enter your password and click 'Log på'

Step 12
Finally, enter the key number stated on your personal key card. Then, click 'Log på'.

Step 13
You are now logged on and ready to apply for pension or state changes.

Step 14
It is a good idea to have your pension and income papers ready – you will need this information to fill in the application.

Step 15
Click 'start', when you are ready.

Step 16
In order to process your application, we need to obtain and pass on relevant information. To do this, we need your consent.

Read the text and click 'OK', to give your consent.

Step 17
If, for instance, you’re to apply for pension, tick 'Ansøg om folkepension' and click 'Næste'.

Step 18
Enter the information required step by step to enable us to process your application.

The information we already have will be displayed.

However, as we are not familiar with your future situation, it is important that you state all relevant information in order for us to get a true and fair view of your financial situation after you have retired.

The same applies if you wish to state changes. Please write the information that applies after the changes have come into force.

Step 19
To learn more about the various fields, click on the question marks

Step 20
Turn the pages by using the buttons”forrige" and "næste" at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot complete your application or you need additional information, you can save the information you have already entered by clicking "Gem midlertidigt".

When you return to the page, the system will ask you if you wish to start over or use the information already saved.

Step 21
If you have questions relating to filling in the application, please call Center for Pension on 33 66 33 66 for further assistance.

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