New Medical Card

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15. juli 2014
Step 1
If you have lost your medical card, it’s easy to order a new one and pay by Dankort over the internet. Watch how you do it:

Step 2
When you click 'Start bestilling' you will be asked to log on with your NemID.

Step 3
First enter your user ID. If you didn’t choose a personal user name when you got your NemID, you can use your social security number.
Remember to write the entire social security number – including the last four digits.

Step 4
Enter your password and click 'Log på'

Step 5
Finally, you must enter the key number stated on your personal key card.

Step 6
On the first page, you can see your latest health information. Click 'Videre'.

Step 7
On the next page, you state the reason why you’re ordering a new medical card as well as the date, at which it is to become effective.
In most cases, you must choose 'Bevis bortkommet' and state today’s date. Click 'Videre'.

Step 8
On this page, you must confirm that the information stated is correct. Click 'Videre til betaling'.

Step 9
You will be transferred to a safe payment environment where you enter your Dankort information.
Click 'Udfør betaling'.

Step 10
You will now receive a confirmation of payment.
When you click 'Videre', you will receive a receipt informing you that your new medical card will be sent to your address within 2 weeks.

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